Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day

Another Christmas has come and gone. This year has definitely had its ups and downs, and if I'm honest, I'll admit that I'm really ready to bid 2010 a big see-ya-wouldn't-want-to-be-ya, but Christmas was just fine, thanks.

We are really trying to move toward less is more in terms of our consumption, both for us, for E, and for the world. I mean, we can save the world single-handed, right? So, we tried to offer up fewer gifts overall, and the ones we did give, we crafted ourselves, bought local, or bought Etsy. Or they were books, which I think are a force for good no matter how you look at it. The results were lovely.

On the handmade front, I made Kool-Aid dyed playsilks for E and his cousins.

I used this tutorial, but only did two microwavings. The silks are from Dharma Trading Company. The Kool-Aid is from the grocery store. Look at those amazing colors! Let me assure you, Kool-Aid is not a food. The entire process was superfun, if a bit stinky.

I also finally tried my hand at crazy quilting in a small wall-hanging for my mother-not-in-law, who had lent me this book.

We finally got around to buying peg people and acorns from Goose Grease on Etsy for E and the cousins. They are beautiful. And my parents bought E an amazing handmade dump truck from My Father's Hands.

He was quite excited. I believe his exact words were, "Yay!"

From Mother Nature, we received the perfect Christmas snow.

I mean, does it get any better than this?

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