Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thrift Thursday

I've been heavy into thrifting lately. More than usual, which means I've been thrifting a lot. For me thrifting fulfills so many of my addictions. I love a good bargain, I love vintage everything, I love shopping, and I love stuff. (I also hate stuff, but let's focus on the positive, okay?) See all those animals? $3 for all of them plus like 30 more and an ark. Because if you have that many animals, you definitely need an ark.

Winter thrifting in these parts means primarily thrift stores. The experience of thrift store shopping is not as delightful as garage sale or estate sale shopping, since it generally involves dingy basements, stinky stores, and pick-pockets. Still, I can't stay away. I'm longing for spring and garage sales, but slush, snow, Unique, and Village Discount Outlet will have to suffice in the meantime.

Yesterday, I stopped in at my local Village, located 2 blocks from my house, basically on my way to every single place I go. I've been searching for vintage needlepoint, lately. I found this amazing rainbow sunset one for NINETY CENTS a few weeks ago and I am completely hooked.
As is usually the case when you are looking for something specific, I didn't find it. But I did score this cute-as-pie sweater for a friend's new baby.
I showed it to E and he was all, "Me?" Too bad for him it's a shade too small! I also found this little wooden pig toy.
E is a big fan of it already. He's also a fan of jelly but not so much of hair-brushing.

And see Sarah's ripple blanket in the background? I managed to take some pics of my new one this morning.
It includes the 1/3 of a row that I completed while watching the DVR of the Ladies Short Program last night.
I was able to squeeze in the stitches between the tears while watching Joannie Rochette. Long program tonight. The only thing getting finished will be a bottle of wine.

So, now I've posted three days in a row. I feel like I deserve the gold.

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