Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another Thrift Thursday

So here we are and only one week has elapsed since my last post. Rather spectacular, if you ask me. Since last week, two more friends had babies, one boy, one girl. I'm double excited because I'll be doing some babysitting for the little boy when his mama heads back to work. It'll be a good way for me to see if I can do a newborn alongside my little stunt man.

Time will tell.

Over the week-end, my friends who weren't in labor went to a superfun toddler toga birthday party for Ellis' friend Piper.
Ellis and his friend Piper have birthdays one day apart, which I think is pretty cool. Piper's mama Josee writes the blog Jitterbug Mom, which I also think is pretty cool.
She has more to say about the festivities here. But suffice it to say, with handmade headbands, toddler togas and an Annie cake (slightly off-theme but completely delicious), Josee set a pretty high bar.

Grapes and juice boxes? E thought he was on Fantasy Island, but with an Ancient Greece theme. It was the kind of party that you hope never ends. Of course, with a toddler, all good parties must end, usually with tears. I hope our party this week-end will be even half as fun with even more tears.

With Sarah still on injured reserve, we're going back to basics: cupcakes, sandwiches, balloons, and chaos. And I may clean the house. Emphasis mine. I am, however, doing laundry, primarily because there is a limit to how many days we can all go without underwear. Ellis is potty training, so he goes through his stash pretty quickly. Sarah and I do better, averaging about one pair per day, but a person only has so much underwear. Anyway, even if the party is a dismal failure, at least we'll have clean underwear.

It's been pretty tough with Sarah's surgery, but this week I was lucky to have two days with babysitters this week. Which translated into four hours of mama alone time. It was bliss. Four hours to use as I pleased. So did I clean the house? Do the laundry? Prepare for the massive party I'm having this week-end? Nope. I thrifted like there was no tomorrow.
Very therapeutic. And I guess I could make the argument that it was related to party planning.

Isn't that just fabulous? The inside is just as awesome.

I think my mom used to have this book and I used to pour over it and try to get her to plan elaborate theme parties for me to no avail. I did once get a Barbie cake, though.

I also scored some vintage rick-rack and trim.

And a cutie-pie glass jar that I'm imagining filled with jelly beans in the very near future.

And a vintage children's book that I'm pretty sure we also had when I was a kid.

It's funny how I spend a lot of my time purchasing things I already owned. I'm sure my urge to thrift is party related to some desire to recreate or recapture or improve upon my own childhood. We humans are such suckers for the past.

I also got a treat for myself, and it was not vintage at all.

I love Everyday Food. It gives me hope that I might actually cook amazing and nutritious foods for my family on a daily basis and not just feed them mac and cheese 3/7ths of the time. Hey, it could happen.

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