Monday, March 15, 2010

Menu Monday and Thrifty Thursday (Observed)

There are two kinds of people in the world: the kind that makes lists and the kind that doesn't. I am the first kind. I make lists of everything. Of course I make the traditional lists--grocery, to do, wish. And I make advanced lists--weekly menus, books to read, places I want to visit before I die. And I make crazy lists--what I'll do with my lottery winnings, what I'd plant in my fictional fish tank, chores I've already completed, lists of my lists. For me, list-making is a way of life. Lists help me organize my mind. I mean, I have a lot of thoughts. If I don't write down, for example, everything I want to knit, how will I remember it all? Of course, the list-making would probably be more fruitful if I followed my lists. I'm the queen of making a grocery list and leaving it on the kitchen table. I'm also the queen of adding things I've already done to my lists just for the pleasure of crossing them off.

However, one of the more useful lists I make and use is my Weekly Menu. Without it, I overspend and the grocery store and still have nothing to eat. So in many ways, the Menu list is a tool for making the grocery list. And that, my friends, is how making one list leads to making 60 and soon, you're spending your whole day making lists instead of accomplishing anything. But that's an issue for another time. For today, let's look at this week's menu.

Monday: Polenta
Tuesday: Enchiladas
Wednesday: Corned Beef and Potatoes
Thursday: Pea & Parsley Pesto with Linguine
Friday: Lentil Soup OR Spaghetti & Sauce
Saturday: Leftovers
Sunday: Pizza

I'm also making Irish Soda Bread for a playdate here on Wednesday. My prediction is that I will not make the enchiladas and we'll have Spaghetti with Sauce from a jar tomorrow night. And I'm planning pizza from scratch for Sunday, but it could very well be frozen or take-out. And a lot of the time, I change around the days, because I might not want Lentil Soup on Friday. Stay tuned.

Shifting gears, there's been even more thrifting this week because, as you know, St. Patrick's Day is a major thrift store holiday. We're talking half off everything, baby. Last week I scored some major vintage love.

Now, some people might say, wow, that looks like a bunch of used kleenex. But I prefer the term "vintage handkerchiefs," thank you very much.

And, I know it looks like a lot (like, thirty), but I'll have you know, I left plenty for the next customer.

In addition to the various flowers and crocheted edging, I found this lovely ballerina.

And a very useful piece. On a diet and forgot your food counts book? No problem. Just consult your hankie!

I also found two matchy yellow rose crocheted potholders. The loops are unraveling, but I'm sure I can find a use for them anyway.

I'll save the rest for later when I have more pictures taken. I can't wait for Spring and its abundance of good picture-taking light. This winter gloom is really cramping my pic style.

Our party for Ellis went well last week-end, but we didn't get any pictures because both of us were running around like crazy people. It's very hard to really "enjoy" one's own party. But here are some shots of the pre-party. Glam-ing it up and making some tea:

Deciding instead on a juice box:

He styled his own hair. Seriously. A budding Paul Mitchell? Perhaps.

The party itself was fun but ended predictably in tears when Ellis hugged his friend so hard they fell over and Ellis banged his head on his chair. He got a pretty sizable goose egg but was ultimately a-okay.

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